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Following the repeal of Prohibition in May 1934, Roy A. and Julie La Rocque Crete opened Ideal Party Store in Bay City, Michigan. As the business grew through World War II, it became a booming success and a staple of the local community. In 1976, Roy and Julia’s son Roy “Jay” Crete took over – expanding the Johnson Street location to double its size. The third-generation stepped into the business – Jay’s son, Jerry – and in 1997 the Shamrock Dairy Bar opened adjacent to the store.

In 2010, the business expanded to its “west side” location on Salzburg Avenue in response to customer demand on that side of the Saginaw River. The store quickly became one of the largest independent beverage stores in mid-Michigan.

In 2021, having grown to even greater levels, Forward Corporation of Standish acquired the Ideal Party Store brand and locations as part of its portfolio of convenience stores. Crete family members still work at Ideal and remain active in the business and community.